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British Goose Douchery at Epidemic Levels

I don’t like to brag, but this site is a pretty big deal in the UK. Quite factual really. I attribute it to their ever growing Goose Douche population across the pond as well as the fact they all wear monocles. I’m not sure what the correlation there is, but it’s difficult to avoid.  As such submissions from over there have been pouring in – and by pouring I mean this is like the third.

Per the email:

It’s about time someone high-lighted these utter muppets.

Attached is a photo, the guy with the bottles is called Olly, an estate agent from London who likes to go out in the west end for 1 weekend a month after payday acting like he’s famous spending $500 (they ramp the prices up in west end clubs) per bottle, but still never gets laid.

Even when he try’s to mix it up with Belv and Goose, disgraceful.

Thank you James, and good luck to our friends in the UK.


02 2011