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Looks like we’ve got ourselves a nice old fashion douche-off.

Shortly after posting for the first time in a year, recently crowned King of the Goose Douche Jesse rebuked the honor, claiming that Alec was in fact King of the Douche.

“Alec Mackenzie—- dude in the middle is a huge douche. He was carrying a bottle of Grey Goose around with him all night long trying to pour it into girls mouths, while occasionally yelling “grey goose for days.” If this wasn’t douchey enough, Alec proceeded to fist pump while being white girl wasted, and ended up puking all over the place causing a complete mess.”

(photographic evidence below)

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

So I leave it to you – the 20 to 75 people who are somehow still visiting this site each day. Who is the douchiest Goose Douche to ever douche with Goose? Poll to the left. May the biggest tool win.


01 2014