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What’s Up W/ the Chug? SRSLY

I’ve touched on this before, but what is the deal with people taking the Goose to the face? There’s no other bottle that causes drinkers to instinctively throat it on camera. The Goose Douche loves that shit.

But here’s the real mind fuck…go online and do a Google Image search for “vodka chug”, and take note of the direction the bottle is facing in the pictures. A good mix of left to right, right to left, straight on – sort of what you’d expect from a bunch of idiots that are using their faces as a human funnels. Now try searching “Grey Goose chug.” Notice 90% of the bottles are going left to right. OMMFG WTF. The Goose Douche can’t chug right! I guess they’re not ambichuggers?


03 2011