The Return!

Holy shit, I haven’t posted in almost two years? Could it be that Goose Douche proliferation has been thwarted thus leaving a lack of Douche?

NO. NOT AT ALL THEY’RE FUCKING EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (With all capital letters and like a thousand exclamation points!!!)

They’re hanging out with Bradley Cooper and Harvey Weinstien


And at events mixed by DJ Nitro


And with Bobby Flay in SoHo in front of a Gooseberg


And at Ping Pong tournaments


Being DJed by this guy


Just about the only place Goose Douchery wasn’t running amok was anywhere the Jersey Shore cast went and that’s only because Devotion Vodka is apparently a thing.


Moral to the story being that my work isn’t done. Far from. The crusade to rid the world of Goose Douchery should, nay MUST continue. They need to be identified and studied so we can learn there ways. We must mock and deride. And hopefully one day my children, and my children’s children will live in a world free from vodka with a visually offensive core consumer. That is my vow. My solemn promise, and the commitment of this site. Starting to day that mission continues.


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01 2013

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  1. ms_v #

    What you didn’t see pictured was how Bradley showed Harvey how he has no gag reflexes, thus garnering him award nominations like every other overrated piece of sh*t movie Harvey jizzes into the Oscar nomination pool.

  2. admin #

    Email, sent. Reply, waiting….