Douche Cougars Love Goosing

These rare and majestic Douche Cougars were spotted on; a site so clever I’m embarrassed I didn’t beat them to it. Simple concept…scan Flickr for douchey party pics and post them. Everyone wins. This particular one was found in a album titled “30th Birthday” which I assume is some kind of inside joke or mathematical equation. Unless they grew up in a coal mine there’s no way anyone in that shot is even close to thirty. Possibly Casper the Friendly Ginger but the rest of them look like the Housewives of Des Moines.  Despite their age they’re exuding the strong musk of Goose Douchery. I’m talking to you with the bad highlights and the sunglasses. If nothing else this site has taught us all that the Goose Douche transcends race, gender, culture and apparently age. Rawr.

Courtesy of: Sorry I Missed Your Party

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02 2011

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  1. easports30 #

    i misread this title as “Goose Cougars Love Douching” – *shutter* *vomits on legs*