Loahan Loves The Goose, and Commiting Felonies

Despite the fact this image appears to have been taken from a 1960s Russian spy satellite, I’m pretty sure that’s a bottle of Goose the words most beloved felon is pouring into her glass – and not just because the file is called lindsay-lohan-pouring-grey-goose-vodka-1.jpg.

Is this a shocker? Well, she’s an alcoholic, and a douchebag, and Grey Goose is for douchebags, so buy my power of deduction I would say the only thing surprising about this picture is she’s wasting her time with the glass.

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02 2011

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  1. ms_v #

    Who takes photos of this sh*t? Let me know when there is a picture of her reading a book, or eating something that isn’t cocaine or dick.