Nothing More Ballah Than a Tub-O-Goose

“Yo playa, you know all that Goose I stole from my parents? I know we were planning on posing with the bottles and then drinking it and shit, but what if we put it all bathtub and threw some Asian chicks in it? BALLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! OK, so you start popping bottles and I’ll holla at Mai Lyn and Yen Lee.”

Or at least I assume what happened in this picture submitted by sexy reader Dana. I mean a Google search for “tub of vodka” turned up 1,670 responses, so it’s the logical explaination, right?

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02 2011

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  1. ms_v #

    Soooo… two parts Asian chicks, 20 parts overrated tasteless vodka, and a garnish of about what? 12 roofies?