All Douches Are Not Created Equal

The photo above sent in by international man of mystery Luke Tye from Chelsea, UK should serve as a lesson that not all douchery is Goose Douchery.

Nevermind, those are bottles are Belvedere. The picture below shows a Goose Douche can’t be judged solely on the vodka they’re blacking out on that night.

But where’s the dude’s deep V, the Ed Hardy/Affliction shirt, sunglasses in a dimly lit club, a kiss face, the faux chug, slightly sideways cap, the bottle pose, etc? He doesn’t even have the smug self satisfied look that can only come from getting ballah with a $300 bottle.

Is this guy a douchebag? Probably. The Photoshopping alone is pretty DB. Not to mention Belevedere is an extremely douchey brand in it’s own right, and the Terry Richardson commercials were probably the douchiest campaign in marketing history. But a Belevedouche is a different kind of douche, and playa over here looks two ducks short of the Goose.

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02 2011

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