Ahoy Matey. Dar be a Douche of Goose off the the Starboard

This picture sent in by Sam from Oxford, UK is somewhat confusing. Are the the two sexy chicks that are about to kiss being held hostage on a haunted treasure galleon by a sexually ambiguous pirate and a douchey kid with an enormous bottle of Goose? Or is the spider web in the background just decoration, and Jack Sparrow’s eyeliner and unbuttoned puffy shirt just part of the least heterosexual costume choice of all time? I’m not well versed enough on 18th century mariners, but the their mutual love of makeup and open shirts makes the distinction between pirates and the Goose Douche questionable (in more ways than one, hardy har har).

What’s not questionable is the chick in the black has a tremendous rack. Fact.

So thanks again to Sam for showing us that Goose Douchery and the rocking boobs it attracts is an international.

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02 2011

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  1. ms_v #

    I don’t know where this bar/club/haunted house is, or who these people are, but all I know is I want them all dead. Please…just kill yourselves, or don’t breed. Or both.