Professional Goose Douchery

Reggie Miller filling a hot chick up like a Goose decanter

We tend to hold professional athletes in high regard because their work uniforms are made of lightweight moisture wicking materials, and they occasional bang models. Fact is there isn’t a douchier  group of human beings on the planet. Every year dozens of them get arrested for assault, public intoxication, drug possession, traffic violations, accessory to murder – but enough about Pacman Jones.

You could point out that the Pros get arrested less often than the Joes, but how many dudes getting booked for raping chicks in a bar bathroom are pulling in seven figures with endorsement deals from NIKE? That said it should come as no surprise that as soon as you’re childhood hero is done rail tailing his teammates in the locker room it’s on to bitches, bottle service, and your run of the mill Goose Douchery.

Goose Douchery makes Jeter sleepy

Barry Zito with the Goose Douche standard chug move

Basketball player who's not on the Heat and therefore doesn't matter, Haseem Thabeet

Pictures from: Drunk Athletes

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02 2011

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