Emerging Artists Love Goosing

Being that I’m a staunchly heterosexual male, I have absolutely no idea who Drake is. I vaguely remember a Seinfeld reference, but definitely not the dude in the Levi’s 501 jacket eye fucking the camera. According to his Wikipedia page he’s Canadian, Jewish, and stared as a cripple on Degrassi High, so it’s safe to say this dude is straight gangsta. Even more thug is his Facebook fan page with over 11 million fans including my 15 year old cousin and friend Gary.

But seriously, 11 million fans? How is that even possible that he has 11 million fans and I’m lucky to get 20 hits a day. Is it the Goose or his platnium albums? Most likely the former but I’m not ruling out the power of Goosing.

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02 2011

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