OMFG, We’ve Found a Winner

I don’t normally post twice in a day – or even twice in a month really, but this uber douche sent in by sexy reader Erika, (I’ve heard in many cultures she’s revered as a Princess,) might be the douchiest douche that’s ever douched.

First of all WTF is going on in this picture? Why is the chick from Swim Fan to his left? Why did the movie Swim Fan even get made? Why does that chick to his right have three arms? Why’s there a ginger in the shot? Is this a bar, a concert, a zombie appocalypse?  And who is making this guy mouth fuck the bottle? I mean that angle isn’t close to giving a pour, and even if it was the cap is on the bottle. Undettered, he’s about to throat it like he’s Jenna Haze in Suck it Dry 6 (I watched it for the articles). Just the sight of it, or the massive amounts of drugs he’s on, has caused his eyes to roll into the back of his head.

Behold the power of the Goose my friends. Strong enough to turn your run of the mill douche into a bottle throating minion of the undead. I hope they eventually let him drink some – or at least sprayed it on his face like the classy fella he is.

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01 2011

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  1. ms_v #

    When I was looking up “Grey Goose is overrated” I saw this pic come up on a different site, and ended up looking at all the douche pictures on the image search and found this site. I laughed so fucking hard at the SwimFan comments cause I swear I thought the exact same thing! This whole photo should be mounted in a museum so future generations can know how these dbags ruined civilization.