Hipster Jesus Giving Up the Unholy Sacrament

Before zombie Jesus came back for our sins (and most likely brains), he was a pretty happening dude. Hung out with hookers, turned water into wine, traveled around with a bunch of long haired dissadents. So it should come as no surprise that Hipster Jesus is all about filling hot chicks up with the Goose. Look at the righteous hand of the lord making sure she keeps her trap open so he can fill her with enough of the Goosey Goose to get her to accept the body of Christ later. Further proof that the Lamb of God has great taste in chicks, terrible taste in booze.

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01 2011

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  1. chris #
  2. admin #

    This = amazing

  3. Kelly #

    Dude thats Steve Aoki.. fuck that hes an Awesome Dj!!

  4. admin #

    OMG, you’re the chick with Hipster Jesus aren’t you. That’s awesome, you’re like a celebrity or something.