1 bottle = douchey, 6 bottles = the douche king

OMMFG We have a winner! This picture submitted by international man of mystery and poon slayer Jonathan could be one of the most impressive specimen on the site. This dude is built to draw my ire. The jacket, the indoor use of sunglasses, the jacket, the face, the fact the bottles have pour spouts on them – not to mention he’s holding six bottles. SIX! The human body only holds like holds 5 liters of blood. Playa is holding 4.5 liters of the Goosey Goose. What’s he going to do with them? Barter for a less smug look? Dude is like a walking ad for contraception.

But it gets WORSE. Holy mother of god look at the dude he’s hanging out with here.

Nice hair emo kitteh. Grey Goose should pay them to drink anything else. Anything. He’s $100, please ruin my competitor’s image. Thanks.

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06 2010

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