If You’re Rocking a John Deere Trucker Hat and You Don’t Work on a Farm I Bet I Can Guess What You’re Drinking


Bro,  pass me that bottle of Goose. Awe shit man this sceene is hype! We’re so ballah. We must have 10, 15, maybe even 20 chicks around us who won’t be able to legally drink for another 2 – 5 years. Just more Goosey Goose for us! THAT’S JUST HOW WE ROLL PLAYA. You feeling my hat kid? I got it while my family was vacationing at our summer home in Nappa Valley. Straight farmer yo. And I know you love the V. That’s MAD deep.Yeah, life is good. We’re so pimp. Anyway, which one of these freshmen chicks do you want to roofie?

Goosedouchity Rating:

bottle bottle bottle bottle bottle bottle

(Points given for the fact that as douchey as the dude in the trucker hat is there’s a high possibility several of those girls probably ended up making out with each other.)

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03 2009

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  1. Goose Luva #

    Who are you to judge these ppl? He’s got lik 15 girls around him, what do u have? A half eaten pizza and a bunch of wadded up tissues? You’re a joke. This site’s a joke. You’re going to die alone and unhappy. Nice face “playa”.

  2. dsc1430 #

    Hahaha. Is someone really coming to defense of the trucker hat wearing douche with the severely deep V. Not one of those girls is paying attention to any of those dudes. However if Mr Papagorgio was there I think he would have nailed the chick in the red dress. But the Goose Luva hasn’t got a chance.

  3. Judo Chop #

    A million dollars to whom ever can find the photo of the 3 girls taking the picture beneath the douchebag in the trucker hat. I’d start with Facespace. This could be the link to solving the douchapocolypse that is happening all over the world.